To play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways
— -- Merriam-Webster online Dictionary

Wayne enjoys busking for tips, not because he needs to, but because it's an enjoyable, social experience. In Massachusetts, he has set up sketching on Commercial Street in Provincetown, Main Street and Polaski Park in Northampton and and on the TownCommon in Granby. He has a bucket-list goal of sketching in Paris.


In addition to sketching for a (modest) personal financial gain, Wayne sketches for fund-raising events. For these engagements, he typically puts a 25-Cent price on the card to insure SOME level of financial gain for the cause. When folks hear that it's a fund raiser, the quarters tend to become dollars. "All for a good cause," say the customers.


While busking is typically relegated to streets, parks and subways, Wayne occasionally puts on a coat and tie (and his formal fedora) and sets up his table in more formal atmospheres such as fund raisers and music performances.


Some benefactors of the 25-Cent Sketches are

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Church World Service/CROP

  • Granby Music Parent's Association

  • I Hear Music in the Streets (Homeless Awareness Arts Festival), Northampton, MA (2008)

  • Regrae Festival (Valley Free Radio Benefit), Northampton, MA (2009)

    and, a homeless friend.