wayne for hire


Wayne Gagnon is a sketch artist who draws on 2x3 inch cards by request.  These visual hors d'oeuvres give guests the opportunity to take home a personalized, artistic keepsake and adds to the memories of your event.

Wayne can work his creativity at public and private events such as weddings, gala parties, award ceremonies, holiday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs,  and so on.  He can be as elegant or as casual as the event you have planned.

At your event, Wayne will sketch animals, vegetables, minerals, anthropomorphic objects, unique creatures and so on and so on.  He will draw just about anything (G-Rated) that the guests can imagine.  He will set up a table that can be visited by the guests or he will mingle among the guests or he will do both.



Material Options

  • Elegant - 2x3 inch cards of white card stock

  • Fun - 2x3 inch cards on bright, colorful cardstock

  • Eco-Friendly - 2x3 inch cards of white cardboard rescued from the recycle bin.


  • $115.00 - 1 1/2 hours (minimum)

  • $150.00 - 2 hours

  • $225.00 - 3 hours

  • $300.00 - 4 hours

  • Factors that may affect basic rates are exceptional mileage and any other predetermined expenses.




  • For legal (and creative) reasons, Wayne does not recreate existing copyrighted or trademarked images.

  • Wayne owns the copyright on all images.

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